Start with a Tux Consultation


Here at Stella’s we offer several different options for rentals! You can choose to work with Generation Tux to build your wedding look and have it delivered straight to your door for a more independent approach! If you’re looking for a more traditional styling, you can craft your wedding look with our tux experts and have in-store fittings and try-ons. During your initial consultation, we will help determine which rental package is the best for you and your party!

D.I.Y. Rental


DESIGN your suit or tux in minutes and get free color swatches delivered directly to your house!


EASY online fittings with a high-tech fitting algorithm.


TRY-ON your wedding look before the event to confirm style selection!


DELIVERED directly to your door 2 weeks before your event! Order replacement pieces online!


SAVE on your rental with a party of 5 or more!


RETURN 3 days after the big day!

Traditional Rental


CONSULT with our tux experts to pick out colors and styles for your big day – with tons of colors and patterns to choose from, there’s something for everyone!


PROFESSIONAL measurements for all of your party members in-store at Stella’s, or have them sent in!


UPGRADE your in-store shopping experience with elevated appointment types for your whole party!


DELIVERED to the store or your home the week of the wedding! Our stylists will fit you for replacements if needed!


SAVE on your rental with a party of 5 or more!


RETURN rentals the Monday after the big day!

Purchase Your Look


CONSULT with our tux experts to find the perfect style and accessories for your wedding day + beyond!


PROFESSIONAL measurements to size you into your perfect fit!


RECEIVE your purchased tux within 4 months of ordering, delivered to Stella’s or directly to your door!


CUSTOMIZE your fit with our amazing in-house seamstress!


ENJOY your rental on your big day, and all the years that follow!