10 Things Every Bride Should Have

  1. A plan. The first step is setting the date, time & place. Everything hinges on these decisions.
  2. A red carpet moment. This may very well be the biggest “it’s all about me(us)” moment in your life—wear something that makes your feel gorgeous.
  3. A gown that is you. This sounds obvious, but when you wear your wedding gown–it has to fit not just your body, but who you are.
  4. A fragrance you love. The scent will remind you of the happiness of that day for the rest of your life.
  5. Simple jewelry. Less is usually better & infinitely more chic.
  6. Natural makeup. Don’t overdo your hair & makeup. Keep is soft & natural.
  7. Meaningful flowers. Your flowers should be a tool for self-expression. Choose wild flowers if you’re more whimsical or calla lilies if you are channeling a modern vibe.
  8. A memorable cake. The best cakes are as imaginative as they are delicious. Think whipped up frosting instead of fondant.
  9. An enchanting first dance. During the first dance, all eyes are focused on the bride & groom, & for that instant anything is possible.
  10. A moment to take everything in. Try & enjoy yourself—relish the moment & the day…