Modeca Dutch Designs at Stella’s – Pop Up Event 2/29-3/14

Modeca Dutch Designs at Love it at Stella's Bridal in Westminster, MD

Modeca Dutch Designs at Stella’s – Pop Up Event 2/29-3/14

New to the United States, Modeca is carefully choosing stores to feature their unique dutch designs. Stella’s will proudly be one of the first in the United States and the first in Maryland to stock Modeca bridal gowns. We so look forward to showing them to you for the very first time at our special Modeca Pop-Up event from February 29th – March 14th. Make your appointment now to try on these beautiful exclusive designs.


The Magic of Modeca

For over 70 years, we have been making brides look their best on their big day. 70 years ago, Modeca started in The Netherlands as a little shop that sold lace, buttons and other little knick knacks.

After a while, Modeca successfully started designing hand crafted bridal designs. From that point on, the business flourished and Modeca has jazzed up the bridal industry ever since!

The Modeca head quarters is still located in the Netherlands. We’re proud of our Dutch herritage, and showcase that in our #DutchDesign bridal collections!

The specific designs of each label – our Modeca CollectionCurves by ModecaLe Papillon by Modeca and Jazz by Modeca – are designed within our small team around Alden Misolas in The Netherlands. As we aren’t a big team, we have the luxury to decide together what kind of fashion we will focus on for the next season. Therefore, we can really say “Modeca – Dutch Design” as it says within our logo.

Team members are coming up with ideas for the next collection. Sketches need to be drawn as it is important that the gown you see in front of your inner eye is also visible on a piece of paper for the complete design team. During this period, specific designs which gives each label its own handwriting come to life. Together within the whole design team we are giving these ideas the final polishing for each single dress or fashion piece of all labels – we are also choosing the right fabrics and material and the matching beading or embroidery.

After all these steps, which need to be taken with care, we can bring the dress to life and let it shine bright. And we ourselves are always amazed as well when we have the dress finally in our hands and can show it to our Modeca friends and Modeca brides.

Because the Magic of Modeca comes to life with every single dress.

Check out more from Modeca here: https://www.modeca.com/

Check out Stella’s full collection here: https://loveitatstellas.com/bridal-by-silhouette/